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About employees:

All employees have extensive experience in the field of detection of lies using a computer polygraph (lie detector) and have a basic education in the field of "psychology". Among our team there are employees with the scientific degree "candidate of sciences", and most of the employees publish scientific articles in scientific journals. It is mandatory for all employees to attend  seminars, lectures, professional development courses.

Polygraphs of which manufacturer do we use?

We use Lafayette (USA) or Rubicon (Ukraine) polygraphs. 


Place to check:

The basic place for the examination is a room equipped to meet the requirements for examinations with the help of a computer polygraph, in one of our offices. However, there are cases when the customer cannot interrupt the work process, and then we go to the customer, if possible, to organize the specialist's workplace last. The main area of our activity is Kyiv and the Kyiv region, but we have the opportunity to second our specialist to other cities of Ukraine, or even abroad.

About cooperation with our customers:

All our customers remain anonymous and can not worry about the leakage of information from our specialists. For regular customers, we always have a loyalty program (discounts or "cashback"). 
 For more detailed information, call 
+38 068 230-10-20
+38 093 230-10-20

Polygraph Lafayette
Axiton polygraph
Rubikon polygraph
Polygraph Rubicon
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