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Conducting an official investigation of current employees is necessary if you have:


money, property of the company or personnel disappear;

important confidential information is leaked to competitors;

employees cause any damage to the company;

staff conceals important information from management;

other issues of personnel control.

How we can help:

expose dishonest employees;

find out about the machinations and conspiracy of the staff;

minimize the risks of theft of money, material values and information;

return stolen goods;

establish full control over security in the organization.



Identifying the circumstances and reasons for the disappearance of things that do not exist with the help of a polygraph (lie detector).

Unfortunately, quite often people ask for help to find a person from a team or a company of friends involved in the disappearance of any thing or money, sometimes even the price of which is ridiculous compared to the cost of conducting an inspection. But people want to know who among their team has become dishonest, because another time he can steal something more valuable, or set him up with his actions.  



We are ready to provide high-quality services, and we guarantee their objectivity. Conducting investigations using a polygraph with a high probability of up to 98%.

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