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Private inspections

    Cheating check on a lie detector very often is the only way that reveals the fact of betrayal or that confirms marital fidelity.

    The specificity of betrayal is that each of the participants in this event is interested in hiding this fact and makes significant efforts to ensure that marital infidelity remains a secret. Therefore, treason is difficult to detect even by such expensive methods as external surveillance, listening to telephone conversations, scanning mail and text messages.

For example, a single fact of betrayal of a wife or husband who is on a business trip in another city is extremely difficult or almost impossible to detect by other means. A lie detector test establishes or denies this fact in a matter of hours.

However, even episodic adultery of a husband or wife very often sets off a chain of events that, in its development, lead to a break in relations, psychological trauma, and property losses.

  On the other hand, subjective unwarranted suspicions of infidelity arising from a husband or wife can not only cause psychological discomfort in the family, lead to neurosis, but also provoke real infidelity. Which together create unbearable conditions for coexistence in the family and often lead to divorce. Although the adultery itself, which caused the initial suspicions, did not happen in reality.

   In both cases, a check for treason on a lie detector allows you to find out the truth and, depending on the result, take the next steps in a reasoned and conscious manner.

    Checking teenagers on a polygraph (lie detector)

  Conducting a psychophysiological examination of a minor requires a special approach and special professionalism of the polygraph examiner. 

    The main tasks for polygraph testing today are:

 - addiction (drug, alcohol)

  - passion for gambling

 - participation in various groups of a negative nature / dangerous groups in social networks

 - suicidal tendencies

 - sectarianism, prostitution, theft at home / at school

  - establishing non-involvement in the event.

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