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Personnel checks  (lie detector)

-future employees to conceal a criminal past, any addictions, hidden employment intentions (working for competitors, employment for access to information, use of job opportunities), concealing the reasons for dismissal from a previous workplace;


-current employees companies for leaking information, receiving kickbacks (bribes), using the company's material assets for personal enrichment, working with competitors, using drugs or drinking alcoholic beverages during working hours;


-upon dismissal, misappropriation of confidential information (saving information on personal media), causing harm while working for the company, concealing the true reason for dismissal.

We have extensive experience and constant cooperation   with financial companies, agricultural sector, IT companies, media companies, car service network,  construction companies and  sports facilities.

The algorithm for starting cooperation 

1. We discuss the terms of cooperation over the phone.

On call 24/7

2. We sign a non-disclosure agreement (in the office or by mail). We do not even disclose the names of the companies we cooperate with.

We do not disclose confidential information of customers

3. We coordinate the list of questions for testing. But there are possible risks related to the specifics of your employees' work.

Quality work

4. We coordinate the time and date of testing. We provide detailed information and a reminder for the respondent on how to prepare for the successful passing of the test.

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